Staff List

*Please note that an asterisk indicates a staff member who holds more than one position or teaches in more than one faculty area, and so will be listed more than once.

Mrs B P TullieExecutive Principal (MAT Development and Transition)
Senior Leadership Team
Mr G C KibbleHead of School
Mrs J R JacksonDirector of Primary Phase
Mrs F H Kilby*Assistant Head (Teaching, Learning and Achievement)
Mr P N Hampson*Assistant Head (Student Welfare, Safeguarding and Specialist Provision)
Mr A E Smeaton*Assistant Head (Curriculum and Co-curricular)
Mr P BevingtonFinance and Business Development Manager
Mr J P HughesRaising Standards Leader & Faculty Leader (Science)
Mr N G FosterRaising Standards Leader & Head of KS4
Extended Leadership Team
Mr J P LinkinsFaculty Leader (Discover) & Head of Year 7 & History
Mr A ParkinsonFaculty Leader (Maths and Technology)
Miss C ChappellFaculty Leader (Communications)
Mr R N BatleyFaculty Leader (Creative and Performing Arts) & Head of Year 11
Miss H R TwentymanSENCO
Mrs J E ElsworthDeputy Director of Primary Phase
Mr T HussainCareers and PSHE Co-ordinator
Communications Faculty
Miss C ChappellFaculty Leader (Communications) & Teacher i/c of English
Ms S H MasterTeacher of English
Mr A Baxter*Teacher of English
Mrs N LaherTeacher of English
Mrs A Daji-LaherTeacher of English
Mr T Hussain*Teacher of English
Mrs K LaherTeacher of English
Mr P N Hampson*Teacher of English
Ms S CarrollTeacher i/c MFL (French & Spanish)
Ms A McIntoshTeacher of MFL (French & Spanish)
Mrs F ToureovaTeacher of MFL (French & Spanish)
Creative and Performing Arts Faculty
Mr R N Batley*Faculty Leader (Creative and Performing Arts)
Mrs K L Lindley*Teacher i/c of PE & Games (Joint) and Teacher of Drama
Mr M J Thompson*Teacher i/c of PE (Joint) and Teacher of Health & Social Care
Mr N G Foster*Teacher of PE
Miss A R Davies*Teacher of PE & Games and Teacher of Art
Miss C J Parkes*Teacher of Drama
Mr D KirsfeldsTeacher of Music
Miss S HussainTeacher of Art
Miss M MarwoodTeacher of Games
Discover Faculty
Mr J P Linkins*Faculty Leader (Discover) & Teacher i/c of History and Teacher of PSHE &Integrated Studies
Miss S Wynne*Teacher i/c of Religious Studies & Teacher of PSHE and Character Education & Integrated Studies
Ms S MahmoodTeacher i/c Geography & Teacher of RS and Character Education & Integrated Studies
Mr J PinderTeacher of History
Mr P N Hampson*Teacher of Geography and Character Education
Mr J PalmerTeacher of History and PSHE & Intergrated Studies and Character Education
Mr G C Kibble*Teacher of Business Studies
Mr N G Foster*Teacher of Business Studies
Mrs S Hussain*Teacher of PSHE
Miss N Arshad*Teacher of PSHE
Mrs K L Lindley*Teacher of PSHE
Mrs A McIntosh*Teacher of PSHE
Mrs F Torreova*Teacher of PSHE
Miss H Twentyman*Teacher of PSHE
Mr J Ernest*Teacher of PSHE
Mr J P Hughes*Teacher of PSHE
Mrs N Laher*Teacher of PSHE
Mr T Hussain*Teacher i/c PSHE & Character Education & Teacher of History and Integrated Studies
Miss A R Davies*Teacher of Character Education and Integrated Studies
Mr D Kirsfelds*Teacher of PSHE and Character Education
Mr R N Batley*Teacher of Character Education
Science Faculty
Mr J P Hughes*Faculty Leader (Science)
Mr S KimberleySecond in Science & Teacher of Chemistry &amp Science
Mr McCuskerTeacher of Biology & Science
Miss N ArshadTeacher of Science
Mr G GledhillTeacher of Physics & Science
Mr A E Smeaton*Teacher of Science
Maths & Technology Faculty
Mr A ParkinsonFaculty Leader (Maths & Technology)
Miss N E ScullyTeacher i/c Maths
Mrs A HussainTeacher of Maths
Mrs M WasimTeacher of Maths
Mr M PatelTeacher of Maths
Mrs K S Martin*Teacher of Maths
Mr N G Foster*Teacher of Maths
Mr T Hussain*Teacher of Maths
Mr A Rogerson*Teacher i/c Computer Technologies & Computer Science
Mr M J Thompson*Teacher of Health & Social Care & Maths
Mr J ErnestTeacher of Computer Technologies
Mrs R M Graham*Teacher of Maths and Secondary Support Teacher
Mrs F H Kilby*Teacher i/c Food Technology
Mr J P Linkins*Teacher of Food Technology
Mrs A McIntosh*Teacher of Food Technology
Student Welfare and Pastoral Support
Mr P N Hampson*Assistant Head (Student Welfare, Safeguarding and Specialist Provision)
Mr J C SandersonStudent Manager
Miss H Twentyman*SENCO & Teacher of ASDAN
Mr N G Foster*Raising Standards Leader and Head of KS4
Mr A Rogerson*Head of KS3
Mr J P Linkins*Head of Year 7
Mr T Hussain*Head of Year 8
Mr M J Thompson*Head of Year 9
Mrs K S Martin*Head of Year 10
Mr R N Batley*Head of Year 11
Ms N StocksLearning Support Assistant
Mrs A BainesLearning Support Assistant
Miss Z SadiqLearning Support Assistant
Mr M SmithLearning Support Assistant
Mr A BellLearning Support Assistant
Miss A LawrenceLearning Support Assistant
Mrs K WarbyLearning Support Assistant
Ms C NaylorVI Learning Support Assistant (Primary and Secondary)
Miss H MahmoodLearning Support Assistant
Mr J ChapmanLearning Support Assistant
Mr J EdwardsBehaviour and Learning Support Assistant
Ms F SiddatBehaviour and Learning Support Assistant
Mr A AliBehaviour and Learning Support Assistant
Primary Phase
Mrs J Jackson*Director of Primary Phase
Mrs J E Elsworth*Deputy Director of Primary Phase and Reception Class Teacher
Miss A LooneyYear 1 Class Teacher
Miss E H LinkinsPhase Leader and Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss S WilsonYear 3 Class Teacher
Mrs J PitchforthYear 4 Class Teacher
Mrs E SmithYear 5 Class Teacher
Miss E BrookYear 5 Class Teacher
Miss L A WicksPhase Leader and Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs R M GrahamPrimary Support Teacher
Mrs C ChisholmPrimary Phase Teaching Assistant
Ms M HassanPrimary Phase Teaching Assistant
Ms L DavisPrimary Phase Teaching Assistant
Mrs S KarimPrimary Phase Teaching Assistant
Miss E J ColePrimary Phase HLTA
Mrs K L PriestleyPrimary Phase HLTA
Ms V CarverPrimary Phase Teaching Assistant
Mrs R P GreggSecretary to Executive Principle & Acting Head of School
Mr P BevingtonFinance and Business Development Manager (SLT)
Mrs K B DackOperations Manager
Miss R DrakeData Manager
Mr J D HaighICT Network Manager
Mr J C SandersonStudent Manager
Mr J StoreyExaminations and Finance Officer
Miss L PollardFinance Assistant
Miss F HarriganAdministrative Assistant
Mrs K BarkerAdministrative Assistant
Miss S KhanAdministrative Assistant
Mrs R HussainAdministrative Assistant
Mr J PageAdministrative Assistant
Mrs R GoodallLibrarian / Resource Centre Manager
Mrs W PeacockLaboratory Technician
Mrs K ScalesLaboratory Technician
Mr S SrimokTechnology Technician
Mr P HinchliffeEstates Assistant
Mr D HarleyEstates Assistant
Ms L Hirst*Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Taylor*Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr G DawsonCCF Contingent Commander (CC)
Mr J WilbyCCF School Staff Instructor (SSI)
Miss S PorterFacilities Supervisor
Mrs K MarsdenCleaner
Mrs B RobinsonCleaner
Ms L Hirst*Cleaner
Mrs K Taylor*Cleaner
Mrs M SmithCleaner
Mrs E F WeirCleaner
Miss A OttewellCleaner
Mrs M Hampshire*Cleaner
Miss R NorwellCleaner
ABsolutely Catering Team
Mr S BottomleyCatering Manager
Mrs S LeybourneCook
Mrs M HampshireCatering Assistant
Ms R SharmanCatering Assistant
Miss S MadeleyCatering Assistant
Mrs S GibbonCatering Assistant
Miss I VincenteCatering Assistant & Dining Room Support
Mrs M MortonCatering Assistant & Dining Room Support