Pastoral Care

At Batley Grammar School we seek to foster mutual care and respect, and this is genuinely possible in a school where everyone is well known and no-one fades into the background. Central to the care of each student is the form tutor.

Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with the tutor. Heads of Key Stage lead the Heads of Year, who then lead the tutor teams and deal with progress monitoring and broader issues as they arise. The Assistant Head for Behaviour, Pastoral and Attendance has responsibility for the welfare of the students.

Communication between school and home is important, and the student planner is an excellent way to keep the lines open. Staff and parents are encouraged to write short notes in the planner so as to keep each other well informed. Students are encouraged to use the planner constantly to keep their busy lives organised.

A most important part of this link between school and home are the Parents’ Evenings, which take place throughout the year. Parents are also kept informed of student progress both via formal reports and a formal monitoring process. Our door is always open for parents and students.