Philosophy and Aims

School Philosophy

We aspire to be a ‘school of choice’ by being a caring and supportive school where we identify, encourage and develop the talents and qualities of each pupil from 4 to 16. We are committed to enabling pupils to thrive and pursue excellence in all areas and, in so doing, helping them to prepare for adult life as confident, independent and respectful members of a caring society.

Educational Aims

A. To encourage the highest achievement levels of which pupils are capable and, in so doing, to promote a love of learning.
B. To promote and develop the physical, spiritual, moral and social well being of all pupils.
C. To create a caring environment with well-mannered, respectful, hard working and happy pupils showing consideration for others.
D. To develop self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline.
E. To promote teamwork between pupils, parents and staff.
F. To develop responsible and enthusiastic individuals with a growing ability to work as independent learners.
G. To equip pupils to understand the world beyond school and to make an effective contribution to it.