Year 11 Prom

On Thursday 29 June, Year 11 students held their annual Prom at The Met Hotel, Leeds City Centre. It was a fabulous occasion; one which we are sure will be a most memorable evening for the students.
They looked absolutely fantastic in their stunning attire. Students were an absolute credit to the school and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, celebrating the end of their time at Batley Grammar School.
There was a delicious buffet meal provided by the hotel, and the much anticipated student awards which provided lots of laughter and celebration.
Our thanks firstly go to the students for the way they conducted themselves throughout the entire evening and secondly to the 20 or so staff members that turned up throughout the evening to give Year 11 their best wishes.

Year 11 Prom Awards

Most annoying double act: Ammaar Karolia and Amirah Hassan
Cutest Couple: Jess Wilby and Will Hartley
Best hair: Sameer Sayyad
Biggest flirt: Hashim Karolia
Most likely to become Prime Minister: Tabitha Cook
Most likely to become famous: Jakub Zegocki
Most embarrassing moment of the year: Hafeezah Khan…..How not to truant assembly!
Teachers Pet: Abbie Inwood
Best dressed Male: Hasan Badat
Best dressed Female: Jaslin Sandhu
Best comedian: Yusuf Patel
Most gullible: Chloe Crossland
Most blonde: Eve Lister
Selfie king/queen (poser): Faaizah Karolia
Best dancer: Maisie Hill
Prom King: Andrew Stogden
Prom Queen: Tabitha Cook

More in Common Walk

On a damp and drizzly June morning, 60 Year 6 and 7 students set off from Batley Grammar School heading for Batley market place. We were due to meet with around 800 students from schools across our community, to unite as one and display that we have More in Common. This walk, as the title suggests, was in memory of the late MP Jo Cox who had tragically lost her life a year beforehand.

Before the day a huge amount of preparation had been undertaken, including seeking funding for transport, designing a safe walking route between the market place and the Batley Bulldog’s stadium and organising countless volunteers to support the walk. In addition to these organisational challenges students were provided with a t-shirt (over a 1000 of which were kindly provided free by local print company PPG), each school received a blank banner to which they would add their own design. In addition 1000 white roses were knitted for students to wear on the day. Before the walk even began there had been a huge amount of effort expended to make it a success.

At around 10am the long procession of students set off from the market place, led by a variety of drummer, all carrying their banners and in individual school colours (we got a lovely dark red!). The sight and sound of almost 1000 people walking, singing and dancing was one to behold. The local community came out to support us; there were camera phones aplenty as well as formal media coverage and this all added to the excellent atmosphere. Despite the weather, which cleared up throughout the day, the students’ spirits were not dampened and they showed great resilience and community spirit by including everyone and walking in a proud and orderly manner.

Once we arrived at the Bulldog’s stadium, breakfast was provided by Huddersfield Town’s academy staff and we sat in the stands to eat this while other schools filed in. Soon there was a sea of colour and we began a series of activities including painting, singing, dancing and listening to poetry. The day ended with a speech from Jo Cox’s sister and mother, local organisers and religious leaders. We continued to get media coverage and we even had a live link on the BBC. Overall the day was fantastic; it really did bring the community together and demonstrate that we have more in common than that which divides us. Jo’s memory will live on and the students and staff involved will remember this day for many years to come.

Pied Piper

The Pied Piper came to Batley Grammar School on Thursday 22 June. He rapped his way onto stage and lured away the very cute rats! Then after not being paid, he led the children into the mountain. There were some fantastic performances and lovely singing. Congratulations to all the children in years 2 to 6 for a brilliant and really enjoyable performance.

Year 10 Cambridge University Visit

A number of Year 10 students had an excellent day at the University of Cambridge, Selwyn College on Wednesday 21 June. In what was another very early 6.00am start 14 students ventured on the six hour round trip.
Students participated in a number of different workshops during the day including ‘Why aspire to Higher Education’, ‘Pathways at Cambridge’, ‘The study of Education’ and a Philosophy lecture which harboured some excellent discussion. As well as these students also enjoyed a tour of Selwyn College, gaining an understanding of what university life consists of visiting dorm rooms, seeing lecture theatres and having lunch in the university campus. A really enjoyable day and one which will hopefully inspire some of our current Year 10 students who have the potential to work hard and perhaps apply to Cambridge University in the future.

Gangsta Granny Theatre Trip

On the 8th of June a team of staff led by Miss Parkes took 107 students from Year 7 and Year 8 to Manchester Opera House to watch the award winning performance of ‘Gangsta Granny’. The play is adapted from the hugely acclaimed novel by David Walliams and the trip was extremely popular, with all spaces being filled in a matter of hours!

The theatre was full with school trips and our students from Batley Grammar School represented us perfectly, with polite behaviour and enthusiasm for the performance. This trip provided students with the chance to observe live theatre first hand and watch professional actors implementing the skills they practice every Drama lesson. The play was full of silly jokes and ridiculous characters; the ideal relief for a rainy Thursday morning!

Especial thanks to Mr Batley, Miss Wilson, Mrs Graham and Mrs Sadiq for their help on the day, it was a fun day for all involved and was a great success!