Primary Easter Activities

The last day of the spring term was a special day; it was the day the children broke up for the Easter holidays. Pupils in the Primary Phase came into school and were given the opportunity to do some different exciting activities; these included card decorating, word searches, colouring and other fun things.

After taking part in a variety of these activities the pupils congregated for the most vital challenge of the day – building an Easter bridge with newspapers and sellotape. The challenge here was to ensure that the bridge was 30cm or longer and strong enough hold an egg. This sounds simple but it proved to be both very time consuming and a real challenge.

After they had all built their bridges each class went to assembly to praise each other on their outstanding achievements in the individual egg competition. This was followed by a classroom activity where the pupils put their structures to the test by measuring and testing which was the strongest and who had actually won the challenge. Parents who attended the praise assembly were invited to admire the creations that were invented by their children!