Year 7 Road Safety Session

On 15 January 2018 all Year 7 students were provided with the opportunity to attend a road safety session funded by Safer Roads Yorkshire and delivered by the Riot Act. The Riot Act have over six years’ experience in the education sector and their innovative projects are designed to engage with young people and deliver powerful messages. The team used theatre production and role plays in order to raise students’ awareness about road safety.


Throughout the production there were several pertinent messages that were shared with students with the aim of increasing road safety awareness and ultimately focusing upon the safety of students within our community.


“I loved the show because it was entertaining and it taught me the importance of being safe on the road.” Sarah Ibrahim 7AB


“The show was humorous but also had very important messages. It explained the importance of road safety in a way that we could relate to!” Rumaysah Farooq 7JSM