The Great Batley Bake Off

At the end of the autumn term students competed in Batley’s very own version of a national favourite, the Bake-Off.

On Friday 15 December students from all four house teams were invited to bring in their own baking for the first round of the competition; there was a good turnout with almost 20 entries. After the initial judging by staff, some of which was very tough, we determined eight finalists (two from each house) to go into the Bake-Off final on the last day of term. A giant House cake-sale ensued, selling the cake made and raising over £100 for our chosen charity: Guide Dogs for the Blind.

On Thursday 21 December the final took place, each contestant was offered the opportunity to showcase their talents in a ‘showstopper’ challenge as well as a technical challenge, which was set by Mr Linkins and Mrs Kilby, chief judges. The challenge allowed three hours in total and contestants were also judged on their organisation and skill. Various staff were invited to help judge and others simply came to lend their support throughout the morning which was great. The skill and creativity on show was really amazing, especially as most of the contestants came from our younger year groups.


Firdous Patel 7AB

Gabriel Lewis 7AFG (3rd overall)


Lois Newby 10SKK

Hannah Sturgeon 11NL


Lucy Potter 7ADL (1st overall)

Zahra Zamzam 7JSM (2nd overall)


Hafsah Nadeem 8CJP

Adam Makda 7ADL

In the end the judges decided that the technical challenge had been won Gabriel Lewis, with Zahra Zamzam in 2nd place and Lucy Potter in 3rd. The showstopper went down to the wire with some cakes being worked on in the dying minutes of the competition. Positions for the showstopper were as follows: 1st place to Lucy Potter, 2nd to Zahra Zamzam and 3rd to Firdous Patel (her Gingerbread house was by far the most impressive creation but didn’t quite stay standing long enough for judging!). This meant that the overall winner was Lucy Potter with a 1st and 3rd place finish, Zahra Zamzam runner up with two 2nd place finishes and Gabriel Lewis just edging into 3rd with a more consistent bake in both rounds and excellent organisation.

Well done to all concerned.

1stGabriel LewisLucy Potter
2ndZahra ZamzamZahra Zamzam
3rdLucy PotterFirdous Patel
4thAdam MakdaGabriel Lewis
5thHafsah Nadeem/Hannah Sturgeon (joint)Lois Newby
6th Adam Makda
7thLois NewbyHafsah Nadeem
8th Firdous PatelHannah Sturgeon