A Former Teacher pays a visit

Bob Ellis returns to school 50 years to the day after having first started at Batley Grammar School

When the new Year 7 students at Batley Grammar School started school last week they were paid a visit by a former teacher, Bob Ellis, who was remembering this day 50 years ago when he started as a new teacher at Batley Grammar School.
Bob moved to the area from the south of England having studied at Loughborough University. He joined the school as Head of PE and remained in post for 38 years, such was his fondness for the school, the job and the hundreds of students he taught.
He was given a tour of the school impressed with the many changes and developments that had taken place in recent years and yet pleased that the school had chosen to retain many of the traditions of its 400 year old history that he had always valued.
Bob is pictured with two year 7 students, Isaac Hartley and William Ghosh, both of whom have fathers who attended BGS and were taught by him: Alistair Hartley (now Chair of Governors) and Robin Ghosh (a trustee of the BGS Foundation Trust).
The school would like to wish Bob a very happy 75th birthday this week and many more years of a happy and well-earned retirement!