Year 11 Prom

On Thursday 29 June, Year 11 students held their annual Prom at The Met Hotel, Leeds City Centre. It was a fabulous occasion; one which we are sure will be a most memorable evening for the students.
They looked absolutely fantastic in their stunning attire. Students were an absolute credit to the school and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, celebrating the end of their time at Batley Grammar School.
There was a delicious buffet meal provided by the hotel, and the much anticipated student awards which provided lots of laughter and celebration.
Our thanks firstly go to the students for the way they conducted themselves throughout the entire evening and secondly to the 20 or so staff members that turned up throughout the evening to give Year 11 their best wishes.

Year 11 Prom Awards

Most annoying double act: Ammaar Karolia and Amirah Hassan
Cutest Couple: Jess Wilby and Will Hartley
Best hair: Sameer Sayyad
Biggest flirt: Hashim Karolia
Most likely to become Prime Minister: Tabitha Cook
Most likely to become famous: Jakub Zegocki
Most embarrassing moment of the year: Hafeezah Khan…..How not to truant assembly!
Teachers Pet: Abbie Inwood
Best dressed Male: Hasan Badat
Best dressed Female: Jaslin Sandhu
Best comedian: Yusuf Patel
Most gullible: Chloe Crossland
Most blonde: Eve Lister
Selfie king/queen (poser): Faaizah Karolia
Best dancer: Maisie Hill
Prom King: Andrew Stogden
Prom Queen: Tabitha Cook