Ready Steady Cook House Competition

Twenty four students from KS3 took part in the Ready Steady Cook competition on Thursday 4 May. Most teams were divided into a ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ group but all worked fantastically as a team. The students were given a series of surprise ingredients as well as access to a general stock of other items. In the first hour of the competition time was spent researching recipes, writing a menu and organising resources ready for cooking. The brief was to create a starter and a main or a starter and a dessert; the level of challenge and creativity shown was superb.

Once the first hour was up it was off with the cooking, two hours to create their dishes and wash up and clear up; the latter part being all-important if they wanted to score maximum teamwork points. Benstead took an early lead with two very independent and well-coordinated teams. Akroyd’s senior team showed great resilience when one of their recipes turned out badly and they had to start again…still producing more dishes than any other house in the end. Some great teamwork was seen in Lee as (like Benstead) they had one team made entirely of Year 7s who worked so hard to compete with their older opponents. Talbot had a slow start but ended up producing some great food…with a little support from staff.

The finished dishes looked splendid and were a real credit to students, especially our younger cohort who have not taken part in this competition in previous years or may not even have previously studied Food Technology. Each team was ranked individually then an overall place was assigned, Akroyd lost some points at the end of the competition for poor team work when clearing up. This resulted in Benstead being declared champions with Akroyd and Lee splitting the second place points and Talbot in third overall. Well done everyone, it was a fantastic competition.

Individual team rankings below / 8


Joint 7th
Joe Hartley 7ARD
Laura Mbangsi 7CAH
Zain Ali 7AFG

Paige Thornton 9CMB
Mia Butler 9CMB
Alex Speight 9SC


Arooj Hussain 7CJP
Molly Lawford 7CJP
Rebecca Martin 7SHU

Nimara Amjad 7CJP
Lily Sissons 9SC
Hana Gulamussain 9SC


Saarah Patel 7CJP
Leo Cameron 7CJP
Caitlan Davis 7SHU

Eesa Motara 8SGM
Freja Rix 8AXH
Naimh Cameron 9CMB


Joint 7th
Hafsah Nadeem 7CJP
Logan Wilby 7ARD
Samah Lala 9SC

Lily Rodriguez Farnhill 9SC
Hawwaa Laher 7AFG
Halimah Ravat 8FRL