Winmarleigh Hall

The STEM faculty took 28 Year 8 and 9 students on an educational visit to Winmarleigh Hall on the weekend of Friday 31 March to Monday 3 April.  The visit was designed to allow students to see Mathematics and Science being applied outside the classroom as well as including activities to improve their team building skills.  The trip was a huge success with lots of complicated STEM activities and skills being undertaken by everyone.  Students managed to improve their ability to problem solve as well as use data collected from the Giant Swing to produce graphs in a computer based lesson.  Whilst abseiling, they discovered how to work out the height of the tower they had just abseiled down by using measurements taken on site and applying Trigonometry; another new skill. 

Evening activities included building team robots where students enjoyed a ‘Robot Wars’ style battle at the end resulting in a lot of mess and the hard built robots suffering a soggy death! Although cold and tired by the end of the weekend, all students were fully engaged in the activities and learnt a lot about themselves; particularly in terms of their tolerance for heights.  Winmarleigh Hall staff were impressed with the behaviour of Batley Grammar School students and have invited us to return again next year.